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I have had the privilege of working in various roles such as project lead engineer, system and development engineer, and test engineer with a number of airlines, seat manufacturers, LRU suppliers, and major aircraft manufacturers including Boeing and Airbus. My diverse experience has given me a comprehensive understanding of how to ensure that systems in the aircraft cabin are reliable and functioning correctly.

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Curriculum Vitae

  • 2020 - 2022Caynova

    Project Lead Engineer,
    Systems-, Development- & Test Engineer

    As a technical project manager at Caynova AG, I led and took responsibility for the development, customization and integration of projects of electrical and pneumatic comfort systems for aviation business and first class seats.
    As part of my work as a project lead engineer, I was deeply involved in the development and aviation approval of electrical and mechanical components. The development of systems, the associated components as well as the related software in close cooperation with international located suppliers was within my responsibility. My work also included generating the system and component-specific installation, safety and maintenance documents as well as the certification-relevant test plans and reports. In collaboration with the OEM, I coordinated the integration of Caynova's systems and organized the corresponding system tests.
  • 2019 - 2020Lantal Textiles

    Systems-, Development- & Test Engineer

    As part of my work as a development and systems engineer at Lantal Textiles AG, I was deeply involved in the design and development of electrical components for seat comfort systems. The development of electronic and electrical components in close cooperation with the suppliers was just as much a part of responsibility as the creation of the necessary documentation according to the requirements of the OEMs. My work also includes generating the system and component-specific installation and continuing airworthiness documents as well as the qualification-relevant test plans and reports. In collaboration with the aircraft and seat manufacturers, I accompany the integration of our systems and coordinate the corresponding system tests.
    In my role as a Test Engineer, I was responsible for the robustness Tests, reliability Tests and especially qualification Tests. (acc. To DO160G, ARINC, Airbus Requirements, Boeing Requirements, etc.) on a component and system level.
  • 2018Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

    Internship as Reliability Engineer

    As a reliability engineer I worked on a new reliability model for the PC-24, which will in the future help to better understand the “needs” of the airplane and thereby lower costs and keep the aircraft airworthy for longer periods.
  • 2017Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

    Internship at the Fine Rocket Propulsion Center

    Performing combustion experiments with solid propellants containing aluminium and water and characterize their parameter.
  • 2014 - 2017ZHAW School of Engineering

    B. Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering

    During my studies at the ZHAW I got a deeper insight into the whole aviation world with strong focus on technical engineering. For my Bachelor Thesis, I designed, built and tested a Ducted Fan which works as a sustainer system for a glider.



Aircraft Type Seat Type Seat Comfort Features System Engineering Project Management Development of Soft Furnishings Flammability Material & Component Qualification
Pneumatic Comfort Features Heating System Cooling System
Boeing 777-X BC
Boeing 787 BC
Airbus A350 BC / FC
Airbus A330 FC
Challenger 650 *

*Crew rest and Intensive Care Unit for air ambulance
BC: Business Class; FC: First Class

  • Seat Heating & Ventilation

    "As a key engineer, I played a pivotal role in developing and integrating the world's first seat heating and ventilation system for commercial aircraft seats. Working alongside a talented team, we revolutionized the cabin experience, providing enhanced comfort for passengers. I also took on the position of project lead, overseeing critical aspects of the projects, including design, manufacturing, testing, and delivery of these innovative systems. This experience strengthened my expertise in managing complex engineering endeavors and collaborating effectively with multiple stakeholders."
  • RTCA DO-160G

    “I successfully completed the rigorous RTCA DO-160G-Course with NIAR in Washington DC, equipping me with extensive knowledge on designing electrical LRU's that meet necessary qualification testing standards for both electrical and environmental testing. I gained practical experience and an understanding of the testing process during two full test campaigns on both Airbus and Boeing aircraft, allowing me to provide tailored engineering solutions that ensure your electrical LRU's are designed to pass qualification testing and perform to the highest standards.”
  • Kerosene Burner Test

    “As a key member of the A350 project, I was responsible for overseeing the kerosene burner test. I collaborated with other suppliers of the seat's components, including foam, dress cover, fireblocker, pneumatic system, and heater mat to build a test sample that met all the necessary requirements and passed rigorous laboratory testing.”
  • Integration of electrical LRUs

    “My experience working with a range of suppliers on various projects, especially those who supplied electrical LRU's, has helped me understand how different components of the seat interact. This knowledge allows me to provide comprehensive engineering solutions that take into account all aspects of the seat's electrical design.”
  • Soft fabrics

    “I have worked with several soft fabric suppliers throughout my career, gaining valuable insights into how specific changes to one part of the seat can impact other areas. This understanding enables me to ensure that all relevant suppliers have the necessary information to make informed decisions and enhance the overall passenger experience.”
  • Reliability Testing

    “As an engineer for aircraft cabin design, I have expertise in reliability testing for different parts of the aircraft seat. I can conduct various tests such as the Squirming Hermann, Hot-Spot testing, and dynamic tests to ensure that the parts can withstand the impact of passengers, the movement of the seat itself and that parts are not overheating and cause hazards for passengers and/or crew. Utilizing my expertise in reliability testing, I can help you design aircraft seats that meet the highest standards of comfort and safety.”
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