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Working in a range of positions, including deputy director engineering, principal engineer, system and development engineer, and certifiying staff (EASA POA Part21G), I was collaborating with multiple airlines, seat manufacturers, suppliers, and renowned aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus. Through my extensive and varied experience, I have gained a deep understanding of requirements and needs of the strongly regulated aviation industry.

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Curriculum Vitae

  • 2018 - presentSFT Surface Treatment GmbH

    Owner / General Manager

    • Development of new cleaning equipment for aviation-specific applications.
    • Development of new cleaning equipment for aviation-specific applications.
    • Optimization of procedures and processes in the field of aircraft cabin cleaning.
    • Qualification and approval of equipment, cleaning products or agents and processes.
    • Preparation of manuals and work instructions.
    • Project management
    • Development of customer specific products
  • 2020 - 2021Caynova AG

    Project Lead Engineer /Deputy CTO

    As a technical project manager at Caynova AG, I was responsible for the development, customer specific adaptation and system integration of electrical and pneumatic comfort systems for aircraft business class and first class seats. As part of my work as a project lead engineer, I accompany customer projects from the preparation of the quotation to handover to the customer and am responsible for adhering to the budget and timeline.
  • 2017 - 2020Lantal Textiles AG

    Development- & System Engineer / Deputy Director Engineer-ing PCS, Certifying Staff EASA 21G

    As a development and systems engineer at Lantal Textiles AG, I was involved in the development and aviation approval of electrical components for seat comfort systems. The development of electronic and electrical components in close cooperation with the suppliers and the creation of the necessary documentation in accordance with the requirements of the OEMs. was part of my responsibility. In collabora-tion with the aircraft and seat manufacturers, I accompanied the integration of the systems and coordinated the corresponding system tests. Through my experience as a Certifying Staff EASA.21G, I know the interfaces between development, production and quality assurance.
  • 2014 - 2017ZHAW School of Engineering

    B. Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering

    During my aviation studies at the ZHAW, I got a deeper insight into the entire aviation world with a strong focus on technical engineering. The wide range of studies enabled me to gain solid basic knowledge in the most diverse areas of knowledge.



*Crew rest and Intensive Care Unit for air ambulance
BC: Business Class; FC: First Class

Aircraft Type Seat Type Seat Comfort Features System Engineering Project Management Development of Soft Furnishings Flammability Material & Component Qualification Aftermarket / Aftersales
Pneumatic Comfort Features Heating System Cooling System
Boeing 777-X BC
Boeing 787 BC
Airbus A350 BC / FC
Airbus A330 FC
Challenger 650 *

  • Seat Heating & Ventilation

    "As the principal engineer, I had the privilege of leading the development and integration of the world's first seat heating and ventilation system installed on commercial aircraft seats. This groundbreaking system brought enhanced comfort and improved passenger experience to the cabin environment.

    Additionally, I took on the role of project lead, representing the responsible supplier, for all seat programs of the launching customer. This involved overseeing and coordinating various aspects of the projects, including design, manufacturing, testing, and delivery of the systems.

    Through these responsibilities, I gained valuable experience in managing complex projects and collaborating with multiple stakeholders to ensure successful implementation of innovative seat technologies.

    I am proud to have contributed to these advancements in the aviation industry, and I look forward to utilizing my expertise to bring further innovations and improvements to aircraft seating systems in the future."
  • Functional Dress Covers

    "Throughout my career, I have collaborated with various fabric and dress cover suppliers, acquiring valuable insights into the interconnectedness of different seat components. Understanding how modifications in one area can affect others, I ensure that all relevant suppliers receive comprehensive information to make informed decisions, ultimately enhancing the overall passenger experience.

    Recognizing that functional dress covers serve a purpose beyond aesthetics, I have been involved in the development of fully customized special covers. These covers are designed with careful consideration of their role as an integral part of the overall seat system. By prioritizing functionality alongside visual appeal, we create dress covers that meet specific requirements and contribute to an optimized passenger seating experience."
  • Intensive Care Unit with Decubitus Feature

    “In my role, I took the lead in developing and integrating a fully customized pneumatic comfort system specifically designed for an air ambulance jet. This system included pneumatic cushions installed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), aiming to provide enhanced comfort to patients during long-haul flights.

    The specially developed pneumatic comfort system was designed with the objective of preventing decubitus ulcers, also known as pressure ulcers or bedsores, which can occur due to prolonged immobility and pressure on certain areas of the body. By utilizing this system, we aimed to mitigate the risk of decubitus ulcers and improve the overall comfort of patients during air ambulance transportation.

    Through careful design and integration, we ensured that the pneumatic comfort system met the specific requirements of the air ambulance jet and the ICU environment. This involved collaboration with medical professionals, engineers, and equipment OEMs to create a solution that catered to the unique needs of patients in critical care."
  • RTCA DO-160G

    "Having successfully finished the demanding RTCA DO-160G course at RTCA in Washington DC, I have acquired in-depth expertise in designing electrical LRUs that meet essential qualification testing standards for electrical and environmental aspects. I have gained valuable practical experience and a comprehensive understanding of the testing process through active involvement in two full test campaigns on Airbus and Boeing aircraft. This enables me to offer customized engineering solutions that guarantee your electrical LRUs pass qualification testing and perform exceptionally well."
  • RTCA DO-254

    “Proficient in RTCA DO-254, the industry standard for airborne electronic hardware design assurance. Experienced in applying DO-254 throughout the development lifecycle, ensuring compliance and traceability. Skilled in requirements capture, design implementation, verification, and certification artifacts, delivering safe and reliable electronic hardware for aviation systems."
With my extensive engineering experience, I possess the expertise to assist airlines, airline seat manufacturers, and other stakeholders in creating reliable, comfortable, and safe aircraft cabin designs.

I can provide valuable insights and contribute to various aspects of the design process, including system integration, component selection, reliability analysis, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

If you are interested in exploring how my skills and knowledge can support your business in achieving its goals, please feel free to contact me.